Note before reading: Only one person knows what this post is all about. And one other person maybe able to guess what it is about. And I intend on keeping it that way. Others will not be able to guess what it is about, so don’t make wrong assumptions and judge. And don’t bother asking.

Dear X,

You were not able to go through with it. And let me tell you, if you of all people, decided that you could not, then none of us can. You are the benchmark for determination.

But please, do not feel bad about it. You know it was not meant to be. There was no way it could have ended up well. And you know why i say that. You know your background and so you know there was no way this was happening.

But u attempted.

And I prayed everyday for you. I did. I really did. And every night, when i thought of you and your determination, it gave me courage and strength to go on with what i was doing.

And then it tumbled. And you blame yourself. And thats not fair, cos you are not to be blamed. No one is to be. Sometimes, people are stubborn and do stupid things, and are not willing to listen to others. And that’s whats happening in your case. So stop blaming yourself. And take a good look around.

And then see me. See my perspective. Understand. Realize its not going to be the same. Realize that to be fair, you have to give me a chance. Realize why it is possible. And Believe. Cos i know i can. And you know it too. And u know how much you and i deserve it. And u know it will end well in the end. If you, don’t then you’ve just got to believe it will.



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