I think i wanted to post this up almost a week back, but the excessive workload kept me from doing so. But, the fact still remains – I miss SP! I absolutely loved working with the crew last year, and this year it would have been awesome to have been a part of SP in some way or the other:(


Truth is, it does not bother me as much as it is supposed to. And that’s a good thing, i guess. But, it does bother me somewhat, and thats not such a god thing. It somehow all seems to be purposefully done, which is the beauty of it all!


A few good things happening to a very good friend, and I’m more than happy :D. Somehow it just makes me smile whenever i even think about it;)


I’ve been splurging on junk food! And lots of Mysore Paah courtesy Mahesh. As Sangee mentioned, i just might end up dying way sooner than I am supposed to, if i continue along these lines. Damn, I think SRC tracks beckons!


Time to reflect. Its been a week of learning, be it my assignments, the Interview, the exam, or the conversations with some people. I think i’ve learn more and reflected upon myself this week more than i’ve in a long time. Feels good:)


I think i screwed up DSC32o3 exam, and that’s such a bad note to end the post on, but there’s nothing more to say for now!


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