Go get yourself a room, please!

A lot of the readers of my blog already know my views on this, but i was so disgusted today morning, that i’ve decided to post an entry. And yes, this is regarding all those couples who seriously need to learn how to behave in public!

I was at YIH having some breakfast today morning, pondering over the deadlines this week has in store for me, when a couple (i’m sure they had sex last night, btw), sat right in front of me. While they walked to that table, they were glued to each other. Then the boyfriend walked to get food, and while he was in the queue, he kept turning back to smile and blow kisses at the girlfriend. NO I AM NOT kidding! urgh! then when they got breakfast they started feeding each other, amidst every 30second makeout sessions! Oh, God i seriously felt like puking!

I’m not against affection, or love, or romance. I’m a hopeless romantic actually (I blame the fairy tales for this), and a firm believer of love and its related happiness. But i’m dead against public display of intimate affection. I do understand a goodbye kiss when the girl/guy separate paths for the day, or one of those sudden impulses to kiss them – one simple short kiss. It is natural. But DO NOT constantly make out in public places, especially school canteens, public transport, random crowded places like malls, and oh god, Libraries! these places are meant for other things!

And you do NOT need to be constantly holding hands now, do you? I mean, yes, you are a couple blah blah blah. But its not like the girl or the guy is going to run away you know?! And you do not have to be around the person ALL the time! I know of couples who are doing the same major, and thus end up in the same classes, have all meals of their day together, study together, and even pretty much live in each other’s rooms? I mean, don’t they each have a need for their own personal space? I would feel so bloody clusterphobic if this happened to me!!!! Sighs! There are those couples who are in the same major and stuff, but who do take their time off to have some personal space you know! One good example would be this Singaporean Indian couple i sort of know. Towards such couples, i really feel happy, and from the bottom of my heart, hope things work out for them in the end!

Gah, how i wish couples could just understand the fact that no one around them is interested in seeing them make out – and on the contrary, are actually quite disgusted at such behaviour! It just tends to make people around you puke!!!

And let me tell you, before i end off, NO, it is not characteristic of all Western couples, as people would say. Yes, you probably would see more couples making out on the street, but its never as disgusting cos they don’t prolong it, or make it all mushy mushy for people around. I’ve been to some of the most romantic places in Europe, and even there i haven’t seen such pukish behavior. Of course, there were too many couples to a point of depression for all of us there (considering we were either single or our boyfriends were not with us there ie Long distance), but none of it ever made me angry or disgusted. SO please, go get yourselves a life, or a room! And end of Bitchy post!!!


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