Reflecting in my favorite spot – the rooftop

As a calm breeze blows by, trees around me, music in the background, and photoshop to keep me company…


A lunch once in a while, a gift for a birthday or so – would not have hurt you, you know? Especially since, you always seemed to have money for expensive “tea”s and dinners.


And now, apparently its some random gift..


It just hurts sometimes to know how much I’ve been taken for granted.


But it’s ok, cos I know, that I possibly had stuff to be at fault also. And that maybe I didn’t give my 100% towards the end of it all, when I realized other things about me, that could have been more detrimental if we had gone on.



It did not upset me. Rather it just made me laugh.

I guess i was the guinea pig eh.

But its all good;)

A reason to smile

I have a reason to smile – a very good one at that 😀

And I think its worth sacrificing everything just for that reason:)

And the song i’ve been listening to these days on repeat, I’ll be there for you – Bonjovi! Yes, i know its kinda old and all that, but then again its an awesome song! Must get Surath ayya to sing it to me one of these days 😛 And here it is, not the best quality or version, but its good nevertheless;)