Celebration for the right reason?

The loud blast of crackers down every street. The smell of kiribath from almost every household. Alcohol bottles being opened in every other house. Worry-less happy laughter everywhere. Celebration over the victory of a war. Over the death of  a man. Over the recapture of land.

I wish i was back to celebrate and make merry on the streets too. But i wonder, are we celebrating for the right cause? And is it time to celebrate already?

True, the death of the man who was leading a rebel group that was the cause of so much pain and suffering over 2 decades is a cause for celebration. But, celebration over the death of all the others who were part of those fighting on behalf of the LTTE is not fair. Many of them had no choice but to follow the orders of the LTTE, and so, they do not deserve the right to be spat upon and laughed at over alcohol.

Additionally more people were killed in the North than anywhere else in the country. More civilians i would say. Tribute should be paid to them. And the more unfortunate ones, who have survived the war in the North, but lost either their own body parts or worse, their kith and kin, should be looked up at in respect, cos they are surviving through despite it all.

Once we have rebuilt ONE Sri Lanka, once we have made the Tamils in the North believe in the government, and once we stop scorning upon them, i believe the time to truly celebrate will be upon us. Till then, lets all try to avoid any form of discrimination and lets try to rebuild a nation in terms of both physical infrastructure and harmonial relationships.


I do what my instincts ask me to, and i don’t need to explain!


If I could turn back time, would I?

Its not a regretless life, but its not like I sit and pine over those regrets everyday..

But if i had the chance to turn back time, would I want to.

If we go back to OL’s, i guess i still wish i could have done things way different, I wish I could have had the chance. If things had worked out well, I possibly might be well in the midst of an extremely stable career and relationship as well. But if they hadn’t, I don’t know what would have happened? Would it be like what it is now? Or would it be any different?

But maybe i would not change anything then, just cos it helped develop my perspective on alot of things. It helped me make what I am today. It has made me yearn for something after a really long time.

And then, would i change my response to that one thing on my 16th birthday? That one thing that has so defined me, that has made me the victim of so many millions of false accusations, that has led to nights of tears.

But thinking about it, i know i won’t. cos the memories are worth everything. The good moments, the laughter, the happiness, and the love and care.

Ofcourse certain other incidents, small small ones – some which i would have never thought of myself to do and some that I was trapped into. These ones, i would definitely change if i could.

But why this post now? Something that happened very very recently sparked it off. Something i know may not be right, but felt right to me. I just hope that once again, friendships are not spoilt by wrong judgements.