A stranger… A Friend…

Why is it that some of us, especially myself, get pissed off and hurt by something someone close to you does, rather than if the same thing were done by a stranger or someone not so close? Isn’t it more logical that we should get pissed off more, if not the same, at the stranger? She said/did the same thing. BUT no, i usually would not get pissed off at the friend.

I have high expectations and constantly see the best a person can be – whether they can live up to that or not is another story – but I think it relates (Even when they don’t live up to it, i try to make up my own stories and reasons which make it seem like they are living upto it). It’s that high a level of caring. It’s because you matter that you get lashed out at whereas with a stranger it really doesn’t matter. It becomes easier to just turn away from them or not to care as much, but with people in your close circle it’s more about the breaking of trust or whatnot that cause the stinger to come out. Its way easier to get hurt with the closer circle than with anyone else.

I’m not a person who lets someone close to me, easily. Time, and a great deal of effort is needed. And so, it already means tonnes that you are close to me. By doing something thats hurtful in some way or the other, thus, tends to be a total let down.


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