A stranger down the road

One by one things fell apart. One by one they became clearer. Obligation was a great part to holding on. Care was the biggest. The world fell apart, literally. Tears too much to pour. Frequency of conversations reduced. Lots of truth were hidden, avoided. And then, suddenly, something was missing. Absolutely no conversations. If previously the tears were too much, now it was just pure devastation.

And yet there was that peephole I loved peeking through. The small view i got through that was somewhat of a comfort.

But one day, that peephole will be covered up, and all means will go missing. The stranger will become totally non existent.

To date, I don’t understand why. There was too much of dependence, too much of love, too much of care to let it just rot. I will always care for the person i knew before a stranger you became.

And the day the peephole becomes all nailed up with wooden boards, the stranger would not even be a stranger. Would just be one of those stars in the sky that i cannot differentiate from another.

Thanks to the one who stood through it all. Without you, i would not have made it through.


1 Comment

  1. sneha said,

    December 1, 2009 at 2:19 pm

    i really liked that line.. “i will always care for the person i knew before the stranger you became.”

    but you cant blame urself.. at least you never stopped caring. 🙂

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