Recipes for a Happy Nithiya

Recipe 1:
Hot chocolate + A good read + a heavy dose of rain

Recipe 2:
A DSLR + the outdoors

Recipe 3:
A dash of sunshine + an outdoor badminton court

Recipe 4:
A good movie + good friends to watch it with

Recipe 5:
Hot guys – nothing to add on!

Recipe 6:
A date with Wentworth Miller/ Johnny depp/Chad Michael Murray/James Lafferty

Recipe 7:
A good friend + a good chillout location

Recipe 8
A good jog + a warm shower + gorgeous smelling shampoo

Recipe 9:
The beach at sunset + someone who you can hold hands with

Recipe 10
Dancing shoes + good music + sexy clothes

Recipe 11
Shopping + shopping + shopping

Recipe 12
Fruity booze + good friends + good chill out place + some piss drunk people around you
But in general to make a Nithiya happy some good friends to hang out with, a good book, a camera, good music and dancing or a nice long run would do! Its that simple, really:)


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