Here’s something i wrote a long time ago, inspired by a friend’s plight, and a few Tv shows!

She lies on her bed wondering if such feelings are actually possible, and thinking of the dilemma she has some how found herself to be in. On the one hand, she thinks she loves him – every time she feels his touch she still gets that feeling of magic around her, every time she talks to him, she knows she can somehow manage to ease away all those worries around her, and every time she looks at him, she feels he is the one.

But then there is another person. Someone who she admires, and lately thinks she likes. Every time she is around him, she cannot stop her eyes from wandering to where he is. And even when she accidentally brushes against him, she feels cold shivers go down her spine. Every time, he speaks a few words with her, she feels like she owns the world, and jsut every time, that he smiles at her, she just melts away..

She now wonders whether its possible to be in love with 2 guys at the same time, is it possible to want both of them badly…or is it just possible that she doesn’t really “love” one of them, but its just one of those “crushes”? She just doesn’t know..